Childhood Soundtrack

The soundtrack of our mornings went like this:

Paul Harvey on the radio,

lunch money slapped onto the counter, 45 cents

{a quarter, two dimes},

plastic bowls still swimming with milk dropped into the kitchen sink,

the metallic clink of your wedding band as you gripped your cup of tea,

the diesel engine of a school bus rolling down the hill,

and our footsteps marching off - 

one by one - 

to fill in the blank spaces.


Lovers' Quarrel

Nine lives

are not nearly enough

to do it all,

I whispered in your ear, complaining.

You turned your head on the pillow,

told me,

"You don't have to do it all,"

as if those words could comfort me.

Their blanket smothered me instead.

I closed my eyes.

But what if I want to?




with your slow rolling days,

your green, green - yellow, pink!

with your wildness and bare feet,


You will always be my favorite..


Another Birthday

Happy birthday

to my brother - 

that mysterious figure

closed off 

by eight distant years.

Happy birthday to that man

I hardly know

but can feel pulsing in my veins

as our history

writes itself.