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The Short Version...

I love trying new things, meeting new people, and traveling to new places. And if I can write about the experience or photograph it? That's the sweet life. That's like sleeping in a bed made out of donuts.

The Long Version...

I’ve been obsessed with telling stories for as long as I can remember.

Originally trained as a journalist, I’ve worked as an editor and freelance writer for regional and national magazines. For years I wrote travel and adventure stories. And then something happened. I fell in love with photography. Big time. I started shooting the people and places around me. I took on some assignment work and eventually launched a small photography business.

Nowadays, I combine my love of writing and photography to create stories for others, whether they be editors, art directors, or local businesses. In 2016, I founded This Vicarious Life, a personal project featuring short stories and day-in-the-life photo essays of people and their professions.

Have a story you’re ready to tell in words, photographs, or both? Let’s talk!

Published In...

5280: Denver's Mile High Magazine, Fort Collins Magazine, Her Sports + Fitness,
Oxygen, Pool & Spa Living, Sunset, The Coloradoan,
and Women's Health

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