Stephanie Powell Photography

I’ve been obsessed with telling stories for as long as I can remember.

Originally trained as a journalist, I’ve worked as an editor and freelance writer for magazines such as 5280, Pool & Spa Living, Sunset, and Women’s Health. I’ve covered topics of varying content and magnitude, some of my favorites being nighttime white water rafting, wine making, glacier camping, orienteering, and tracking down the best pancakes in Denver.

When I had a baby five years ago, I took a vacation from writing full time. And while raising a toddler I picked up a camera. Soon enough, taking photographs and capturing my own story became my new obsession. My son’s first birthday, our trip to Canada, jumping in leaves, snow shoeing adventures. I photographed the story of our family as we traveled through life together.

I still shoot for myself. But nowadays, I also combine my love of writing and photography to create stories for others, whether they be editors, artists, or families.

I love donuts, plane tickets, negative space, the ocean, coffee with too much cream, and last but most certainly first, James and Daxton. That’s me in a nutshell. What’s your nutshell like? If you have a story you’re ready to tell (whether it be in words, photographs, or both), let’s talk.

P.S. If social media is more your style, you can find me on Facebook, Pinterest, and at my Etsy print shop.



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